Steven Tozer

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Steven’s background has been in sales and marketing for over 3 decades and Steven has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. In more recent times Steven has received some extensive experience and qualifications in finance as a Mortgage Broker, although these days he is non-practicing. This has proved to have been invaluable within the Real Estate industry as Steven is able to point people in the right direction when it comes to the finance. Whether it is a buyer or a seller, Steven can generally assist in helping people to go to the right place to make the transaction happen. Steven has never lost a transaction due to the finance not being achieved.

Steven has successfully achieved a unique double of having written millions of dollars in loans and sold millions of dollars in property sales. This has been a great foundation to progress from. But Steven is best known for his commitment, attention to detail, his dedication to the highest level of service whether he working with buyers or sellers.

"Seeing the thrill, the relief, the excitement on people faces when they go through the experience of one of the most important transactions in their life, is really what makes me come back each day. Commitment is what you get when you engage my services. Through my extensive experience, my service levels, negotiation and ongoing communication are all combined aimed at your results. Your result is ultimately is what I stand behind.”

"Steven Tozer.... The Most Trusted Local Opinion"


  • 2017 - 10 Year Service Award
  • 2015 - 2016 Premier Member
  • 2014 - 2015 Premier Member
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